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through hope, laughter and tips

Some are fun videos and

some are tough topics.

Nothing is off limits! 

Moving, broken bones, surprise baby!?! When it rains it pours. These kids keep us on our toes!

2020 was a rough year for so many people. We share about job loss, moves, new baby, and almost losing a child. There was a lot that happened and we can’t be more grateful for the faithfulness of God through these tough times. 

Iceland in January with three kids. It was an amazing place! I recommend everyone visiting Iceland during different seasons. If someone tries to convince you to try the rotten shark….just don’t hahaha. I did though!

Check out Baby Annoucement!! Maybe it’ll give you ideas if you’re looking for inspiration! 

Traveling can be so fun but sometimes the thought of going through security at the airport with kids is stressful. Find out why my kids were great and security was ummm….different. Also, you hear about the awful food disaster that occured in the car eeek!!!

Beanboozled!! Our kids really wanted to play the jlly bean game where you spun the wheel and ate that jellybean. You don’t know if it is going to taste good or awful. I unfortunately got a bad EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!!!