Hello!! It’s been a bit since my last post…6 months to be exact. The last time I posted was 1 day before our daughter made a speedy entrance into the world. I can’t believe she will now be 6 months old tomorrow. There is SOOOO much that has happened between posts that I could probably write for days. Here is the speedy version:

We were in and out of the hospital for months with concerns of the baby continuously losing weight and my own health concerns (none terrible but none pleasant).

We had lots of visitors for a few months.

We fit in about 6 trips before our big move.

We’re moving back to AMERICA!

We bought a home that we have not seen. I mean we’re not your typical family so why start now?!

All of our belongings have been traveling on a boat in the ocean for the past month and a half.


This post is more of a vent session. I just learned that there is no way to get my husband on the same flight out to America with us, without paying a hefty chunk of cash. Anyone that has moved or even moved to another country knows that there is always unexpected costs and it just adds up.

4 KIDS ALONE!!! DID YOU GET THAT ALONE….ALONE…ON A FLIGHT FOR OVER 14 HOURS!!!!!! I mean what could go wrong with a 7, 5, 3, and 6month old in that amount of time?!?!?!?!?!?! That doesn’t even count the travel time and layover!

Oh and I forgot to mention the 15 suitcases we have!! 15!!! I don’t think I can physically manage this trip. I’m not sure if I want to just fill the page with !!!!! or #@!@#@!@##. You feel me? Now I know I have traveled loads by myself with 3 kids, but let me tell you, the last time I did it with 3 kids and pregnant, I SWORE TO NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER do it again. But alas, my life just keeps on giving!

In case you’re wondering my husband will be traveling alone and meeting us on the other end. Currently planning a quick trip into NYC during his layover…I’m not annoyed at all….not one bit…..insert loads of sarcasm. He told me it will all be alright, but he has NEVER flown alone with the kids. And just one side note, when we travel together for some reason the women and men are overly helpful with him. What is it when people see a man with a baby they swarm to help. I have had some terrible experiences travelling with the kids, not because my kids were bad but because people think they should let me know how annoyed they are that I will be on the same flight as them with my kids. Can someone just make an airline for people to fly that doesn’t include kids, so I can let them know they have a different option.  In all honesty though, he really didn’t foresee it panning out this way and truly has tried to sort this mess out, but alas this is the reality and I find it more fun to give him a hard time. He is helping as much as he can and doing his best to ease my mind.

Real talk though, I am not the only one that has ever flown by herself with kids and although it is difficult, I enjoy knowing my kids are well educated in how to treat others and how they should behave. Keyword: should. They are still kids but man they really are good travelers. Piece of advice, kids are smart and pick up on adult’s attitudes and what they say. My son has clearly called out a man for his disrespectful behavior and minutes later thanking the man that did help and let him know all about the rude one. So, if you see a family that looks like they need help, go and help. They most likely won’t turn down help. NOW if you see me, PLEASE COME AND HELP! OPEN INVITE! I will most definitely take it! Don’t be put off if I look like I’m ready to scream or cry, that just means I need it that much more. =)

I will be surviving with pots of coffee and my favorite chocolate bar.

Now, I’m going to go put my SUPER BIG GIRL PANTIES on and finish this move like a ROCKSTAR!