I often say, “I’m a hot mess!” If you have hung out with me, you have probably heard me spew these words over myself or my kids. But when I was trying to find an image for my first blog post, I came across this beauty of wires and switches. I thought “THAT is what MY brain looks like!!” But not only that, you can obviously see it is rigged. It is not done properly or perfectly. So here it is, why in the world have I decided to start this blog!?!

  • I’m tired of seeing these Pinterest perfect homes and children and ladadada! What about the other 90% of us women that are just doing our best. I can’t bake, and I’m okay with that. I want to share life, REAL LIFE! I’m pretty sure I can make my own post about the million Pinterest fails I have done. My house is clean like once a year! I have 3 natural disasters occurring in my house at all times, a hurricane, a tornado, and an earthquake! Things are falling off walls, flying objects are constantly bringing things down, and not to mention the random wet spots I find around my house. I call these beautiful natural disasters my 3 gorgeous children! Is my family perfectly wired, HECK NO!!! We’re HOT-WIRED!! Which, brings me to the meaning of hot-wired.
(This literally happened as I was finishing
this post. Random wet spots, or your kids
throwing up because they think they should
drink a gallon of water and dinner at the same time).

  • According to dictionary.com, the definion of “hot-wired” is: The electricity or engineering depending on it’s purpose of lengthening or increasing resistance of a wire when it is heated. Emotions can be beautiful! Love, laughter, happiness, but what about when you’re tired, sad, angry, or hurt?!? What do we do with these emotions? I want to be someone that encourages, cries, talks about the nitty gritty and keeps it real. We are all being tested of our resistance. Whether it’s friendships, children, career, family, etc, our emotions are heightened. How do we make wise choices through this. I don’t have all the answers, but I would love to share, root you on and figure this life out together. I want to test ourselves, grow and go after those things that scare us. If anything you can get a good laugh at my life, and I am pretty sure I can have you feeling like the 10% that has it together when you see my crazy that goes on.
  • Travel! I love adventure. I want to share how you can do it, even with kids in tow. I’m not an excuses gal, even though I have plenty, I    get past those and create beautiful memories. (Even if it took me over 2 years to get past my excuses of why I didn’t have time to blog/vlog). How are you going to truly live life if you are held back with excuses, which I call fear. This will be more tips and tricks, and of course, more real life moments.Who is ready for an adventure?!?  

♥All in all, I want to see others lifted up and pursuing their goals. I want to see women breaking free of their shells and blossoming into the purposes they are here for. Hopefully, through my own experiences, the good and downright ugly crying parts of my life, I can inspire at least one person to be a force to be reckon with. ♥