As I write this, I am halfway through a move. We have packed up and have been on the road for about four days now. A little background to this move: at the end of November, my husband was offered a short-term 7-month position in Maryland. We were in desperate need of an income as my husband is a reservist and lost his job during COVID. They gave us one week’s notice (insert crazy eyes). Our family was even more desperate for a break. The thought of leaving everything behind and taking a moment to regroup as a family actually sounded glorious. So, we packed up our minivan and five kids and began our trek from Arizona to Maryland. Y’all, we had Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel, and we LOVED it! It may become our thing . I want to highlight the blessings of God during this time period.

  1. During this move, I was diagnosed with Graves disease and feeling every symptom! I could barely open my eyes without it being painful. I was blessed by my parents driving my car across the country, taking that burden from me.
  2. Another blessing: military families we just met helped us completely furnish our home within a week. I mean EVERYTHING, silverware and all!! These people became family for us.
  3. We found a church that poured into us and truly helped us refill our cups and encouraged us to grow so much more in our faith and face the fears we had. 
  4. We lived in base housing, so my kids were able to have the freedom that they wouldn’t normally have back at home. They went down to the parks and played in the woods with the neighborhood kids. It was great having families that also homeschooled and looked out for each other’s kids. It was truly community living and sharing the throes of motherhood with each other. 
  5. Back in Arizona, I had so many things on my plate. But here, I was able to rest and enjoy my kids, to focus on them. We were able to do a minimum of one field trip per week with another family. We explored everywhere!!! Virginia, Delaware, West Virginia, a lot of DC, Baltimore, and even Florida. They learned so much history; heck, I learned so much!! 
  6. Most importantly, we were blessed with REST- much-needed rest. 

I encourage you to look at your season and see what God is giving or teaching you in this season. Like many things in this crazy life, we don’t know what will come from each season. I was able to rest and take care of myself. I ended up being healed without having to go on medication! Woo!! We grew closer as a family, and wouldn’t you know it, we were told that my husband is deploying for a year. If we didn’t take this opportunity presented to us, we would have missed out on what God had for us. A time of replenishment for the next season ahead. We can quickly think this isn’t the way we wanted or planned, BUT God has a plan, and it is bigger and better than ours. Not even the military understands how God still uses us and takes care of us through these seasons.  

There is one thing I can share with you if you are struggling with moving: it is worth it to trust that God has a plan. He is with you. He will not forsake you. He will use this all for good. I understand that our lives tend to be dictated by the military, but I promise you God’s plan is in it all, and He is preparing us and is with us through it all. I look at every change with an open heart for what God wants for us where we’re going. There have been seasons when I’ve gone back to school, others when I’ve gone back to work, and times when I have volunteered at my church. I’ve also had seasons when I’ve enjoyed my community and traveling.

Ask God what He has for you where you are right now. If you are headed into a new season like I am, ask God what He has next for you and your family. I learned a lot from this short time of rest that I will bring into this next season. I get to simplify my home and continue a routine that worked for my family. I was never great at schedules, but I have discovered one that really works for us. I’ve learned to say no. It’s okay. Just because something is good, it doesn’t mean it’s what you should be doing.

Lastly, get comfortable in the uncomfortable. I look at everything as an adventure and something great that God has for us. If I don’t, I become exhausted with all the unknowns. One thing I know for sure is that God always provides for us.

I pray God guides your next step, that He reveals the purpose for the season you’re in and that you embrace it to the fullest. I pray your heart and mind are open for what He has for you and that He uses you mightily. I pray blessing and favor over your family!
In Jesus’ Name, Amen!

Let’s focus on God and be ready: Read Psalm 1

Written By: Tayler Cathrine